Battery GS Virtual Drumkit

The Battery GS is a virtual drumkit conforming with the Roland GM/GS specs. Meaning, it has lots of percussion voices in addition to the regular drumkit. Here's an early development screenshot:


  • Full GS Compatibility
    61 voice, High Q Shot to Mute Surdo

  • Correct Drum Mapping
    The core drumkit is tuned to exactly the same notes as Roland GS voices, including six different tom voices, two different bass kick voices, etc.

  • Small Size
    Less than 200 MBs - most GS/GM drumkit samplers are a lot larger.

  • Decent Resolution
    96 KHz/24- and 32-bit

  • Performance Tuning
    Tested by composers and set up/tuned by mixing real MIDI scores - listen to the mixes made with development versions of Solar Battery.

  • Flexible
    Optional cells/samples included for different instruments, e. g. three kinds of maracas, two different tambourines, two kinds of triangles, etc.

  • Projected Formats
    Battery 3+, Kontakt 5+ (freely downloadable), Magix Independence (freely downloadable)

Currently it plays like this:

Doom II - The Healer Stalks

- lots of percussion there, and you can always listen to the original MIDI file in Doom II :-|
This shows off the acoustic muted ("rock") bass kick and the regular GM bass kick, timbales, maracas, cabasa (EQed to make it sound more like a shaker), hi-hat, claves, synthetic triangle, güiro, modelled snare, congas, octagon (as an alternate "high bongo" voice), modelled toms, castagnettes, surdo. The file is downloadable. As you can listen, the overall sound is something of a "modern GM" character - it's compatible with the classic GM standard, but it has a flavour of its own. Also there's a wealth of standard GS percussion. This works for instantly turning a GM/GS drumkit loop or old MIDI file into something interesting. The drumkit also allows swapping/choosing between several snares and bass kicks (acoustic, synthetic, and modelled). There're variation voices for percussion as well (as an example, there's a mellow and a "spike" tambourine and two different güiros, three different maracas...). As a bonus, there're some standard GM percussion instrument voices: melodic tom, synthetic tom, and reverse cymbal, which you can hear here.

Sampling session demos:

Snare Improvisation


The bongo samples are already in the drumkit; these two clips were recorded at the end of a couple sampling sessions.

Current drumkit status: closed beta.


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Some free samples (mostly percussion and outtakes from the SB sessions).

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Some mixes and original music.

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